Together we co-founded Artduo in 2006. Our combination of skills and experience (creative, business and project management) includes 25+ years in both the corporate and gallery sector, enabling our vision to provide a specialised full-service consultancy. This includes the procurement, commissioning & placement of art for the hospitality, residential and corporate sectors. Our experience has shown that an important layer to great design and interiors is the art, which brings life, individuality, personality, purpose and inspiration. It’s what we at Artduo strive for. At the core of who we are, is our ethics, our personal relationships, teamwork and quality products and services. We are uncompromising on delivering excellence at the highest standards. Our relationship with our clients is vital, always acting in their best interests, with accessibility, transparency and commitment to providing a lasting, unique visual expression that transforms space. We bring our passion and vision to each project, which motivates us to reinvigorate space with engaging art that tells a story. We bring our technical expertise and aesthetic sensitivity to the process from initial concept to completion. In a world where everything tends towards similarity, we are driven to source unique and diverse artworks from the amazing pool of talent and skills that abound in Australia. We look for artists working with materials in different ways, that have good technique at its foundation, with the proviso that it moves us. Having nurtured creative relationships with artists across Australia, on engagement of a project artists trust us to never compromise their artistic integrity. This allows Artduo to confidently reach out to emerging and established artists to join our team on exciting projects. Our reputation has grown to include collaborations with leading interior designers, architects, property managers, and high-end hotel brands. This is evident in the ongoing repeat business we have experienced over the years.

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